Sunday Sermon: Everything is Enough – Bishop David Abioye

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To the fool nothing is ever enough but to the wise everything is enough. So, nothing is enough until wisdom is enough.

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Rather than seeking for more things, resort to seeking more wisdom. Never bother to seek addition of things but addition of wisdom. It is wisdom applied to using what you have that multiplies it.

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God will never bless you outside of the small thing that you have in your hand or your house. – Moses’ rod was more than enough to take 3m people out of Egypt and through the wilderness.

For the widow that was about loosing her two sons, they were rescued, preserved and prospered by applying themselves to the prophet’s instruction using the little cruise of oil.

5 loaves of bread & 2 fishes were just more than enough to feed 5,000 men with remnants turned into 12 baskets. To the wise there can not be scarcity. If what you have is not enough for what you want then you are simply exhibit wisdom deficiency.

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